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10 November 2004

Bug fixes (encryption settings, association process), and updated F/W license.

4 August 2004

Extended wireless extensions compatibility in both driver and applications. Devices can be fully configured through scripting with the assistance of wireless extensions. To achieve this, advanced, custom commands have been implemented, in addition to those ones recommended by the wireless API.
WPA security features are now available. For more info, see README.
Support for 2.6 kernels, especially regarding those provided by some fresh distributions, has been improved.

Note that you will need quite recent version of Wireless Tools to use some features of the drivers. Using the latest version of the tools is recommended. Some features might also require latest beta version.

13 May 2004

Support for usb devices under 2.6.x kernels. A kernel patch is still required. (See downloads). A more extended readme is available to guide you through troubleshooting. A new category of apps, the firmware upgrade tools are now provided with the drivers. You can only upgrade usb dataflash, non-EEPROM devices. Roms will soon be provided. Kbuild procedure is supported. Firmware headers are now under new license.

28 November 2003

Commit of WPA-Enabled Firmware for all AT76C5XXx devices (Currently available on CVS, December 2nd will be added as release). Soon support for kernel 2.6.x concerning usb devices (allready there for PCMCIA - PCI). Support for xvnet is obsolete, if you are in Xwindows environment use winter (robust, easy-to-use Xapplication with support for user-added profiles). Winter requires wxwidgets UI framework. CAUTION : Those of you that have EEPROM devices build the drivers with WPA_SUPPORT flag. (You also have to build the applications).

17 August 2003

There is an alternate driver for Atmel AT76C503A devices hosted at Its a rewrite (containing Intersil support!) by Oliver, Joerg and others. Its coming along well.

28 January 2003

Recently Stavros posted to the atmelwlandriver-devel list Atmel's reason for dropping Intersil support from the driver. Intersil support remains in Joerg's 'patches-07-12-2002' branch and the 20021209 snapshot.

27 December 2002

Joerg has made a call for developers to further improve the driver, resolve the remaining big issues and generally get the code in a state that it could be considered for inclusion into the kernel source. If you are able to contribute to this effort, please join the atmelwlandriver-devel list here.

22 December 2002

The code committed by Stavros, which is available as snapshot 20021221 and as release 2.1.1 does not contain Intersil radio support. This affects probably half the Atmel AT76C503A-based USB devices that we know of. Stavros will clarify Atmel's reason behind this soon. It is recommended that users of devices that contain Intersil 3861 and 3863 radios continue to use the 20021209 snapshot, which is off Joerg's 'patches-07-12-2002' branch.

A new draft of an old HOWTO for Netgear MA101/RedHat has been updated and extended. It should be useful for other device/environments too. See the links page.

21 December 2002

Stavros has committed a number of fixes and new features, for details see the changes. This new code has become an official release, version 2.1.1. Please try this version out and as usual post any feedback to the mailing list.

CVS snapshots are now working off HEAD again.

9 December 2002

Joerg has created a new branch (patches-07-12-2002) in CVS for the patches people have been submitting. The details are here. CVS snapshots on the downloads page now work off this branch. The 2002-12-09 snapshot includes the new patches, so please try it out and submit any feedback to the mailing list.

Atmel has a new and "improved by far" version of the driver in testing which Stavros is working on, so hopefully this will be released in the near future.

22 September 2002

On the downloads page there are now links to CVS snapshots. These are source code archives to save you the hassle of checking out the code yourself. These are not official releases.

12 August 2002

There is a new version in the CVS. Until it is officially released you can checkout by using (all on one line) :
cvs -z3 co atmelwlandriver
In the meantime (at least until Ron Smits commits the changed vnetusba.c in the CVS ) you can get it from his web page at in order for the wireless tools to work .
You can also get the fixed version from the download section.

8 August 2002

Jason Hecker's site at has valuable information regarding the devices that are based on ATMEL's chips.
Also Ulf Buermeyer's mailing list for the Atmel based usb products at has many discussions for some problems you may have with them.
For any issue regarding the usb devices use this one.
For the Pcmcia or the Pci products use the sourceforge list

6 August 2002

One small error in replacement one big problem in compiling. Version has a small error in the makefile of the Pcmcia driver. This will be fixed in the next release. For the moment just open the Makefile under src/Pcmcia_Pci and in vi:
:g/-f" /s//-f "/g
and it will be ok. Also there are a few changes in the getpidvid script (which will also be included in the next version). For the moment you can get the new script, and replace the previous one. And if you want to build it then add in the CFLAGS in the src/Pcmcia_Pci/Makefile the -DCUSTOM_PIDVID flag.

5 August 2002

First Upload of the Web Page. This page isn't complete. Hopefully soon this will be updated.