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The most recent release is v3.4.1.0. This release does not have Intersil support. If you require Intersil support, use snapshot 2002-12-09 instead.. If you have problems with this version, you could try a CVS snapshot.

Kernel 2.6.x usb patch

To make your usb device functional, using this driver under 2.6 kernels ( < version ), you have to download and install this patch.
To install, cd to /usr/src/linux-2.6.x/ and run:
gzip -cd your_download_path/patch-atmel_reset.gz | patch -p1


To get the the most up to date source code for the driver, check out the code from the CVS tree using:
cvs login
cvs co atmelwlandriver

If you don't have CVS installed, download a snapshot instead.
If you want to just browse the source code, use the CVSWeb Interface at

Source Code Snapshots

Listed below are snapshots of the driver source code, created daily from the code in CVS. If a snapshot is created which contains the exact same code as the previous snapshot, it is discarded. This means that a new snapshot should only be created after the code has changed.

These snapshots are not official releases, they are provided as a convenience to save having to check the code out of CVS yourself. It is recommended that you try an official release first before trying a cvs snapshot.


Snapshot list last updated 2004-12-22