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4. Compiling The Driver

As mentioned in Section 2, the The AT76C503A is paired with either an Intersil or RFMD radio. Recently Atmel removed Intersil radio support from the driver, but Intersil support still exists in Joerg's patches-07-12-2002 branch in CVS, and in CVS snapshots up to and including snapshot 20021209. Snapshots after this date, and driver release 2.1.1 only contain support for RFMD radios.

. atmelwlandriver project doesn't release many 'versions' of the driver code, and its likely that the versions that are there may be out of date. So, its recommended that you use the snapshots of the code that are created whenever changes are made in CVS.

4.1 Download the Driver

If your device contains an Intersil radio (e.g. MA101 Rev.A) then you need to get the 20021209 (December 9th, 2002) snapshot. This is the latest one with Intersil support.

If your device contains an RFMD radio (e.g. MA101 Rev.B) then you can also use the 20021209 snapshot, or any later snapshot or the latest release of the driver. The latest snapshot is recommended.

To decompress a snapshot of the driver, run:

To decompress a release of the driver, run:

4.2 Patch the Driver

Users of the driver often submit patches that fix various problems (yay opensource! :-). Its a good idea to find out if there are any patches available to save you suffering through an issue someone else has already suffered through and solved. For patches, look here. The only patch I currently apply to the 20021209 snapshot is one that fixes an issue found and solved by Matthew Nichols. The bug caused the stats reported by iwconfig to be meaningless. Get the patch here. You don't have to, but its a good idea.

Applying a Patch

To apply a patch, download it to any directory, then cd into the atmelwlandriver directory that was created when you decompressed the driver, and run:

The patch program is pretty smart - you will know if you have done something wrong, and it will tell you if you're trying to apply a patch that has already been applied.

4.3 Compile the Driver

Follow these steps:

All this needs to happen without errors for the driver to work. Compiler warnings are OK.

You should now have the driver installed. usbvnet.o for Intersil/Rev.A, or usbvnetr.o for RFMD/Rev.B. You will find it here: /lib/modules/`uname -r`/kernel/drivers/usb

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